Artwork Guidelines

How to supply files.

Adobe PDFs are ideal, however, we can accept files in the latest Mac and PC versions of various other applications used for publications.

Files can be submitted via USB, email, Dropbox or use our We Transfer link provided here.

We Transfer

Here’s a quick artwork checklist.

                        You have added a 3mm bleed where required and crop marks.

                        Made sure your images are 300dpi.

                        All fonts and images are embedded in PDF files?

                        All fonts and images are supplied in a separate folder.

                        Colour images are saved in CMYK (not RGB).

                        Pantone reference numbers are included.

                        Details of whether Pantones can be simulated out of a 4 colour process.

                        Tint strengths are more than 5%.

                        Proofread your document.

Our studio will pre-flight check your files and create either a print ready pdf proof to send back to you, for your final sign off. Or if you need a hard copy digital proof we will run these so that you have samples of both colour (FOGRA calibrated) and paper type.


If you require assistance with creating artwork to submit we are always on hand to help. Call us on 01252 338775.

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