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Brochure Printing

First impressions count when showcasing your brand.

We are experts in brochure printing and have delivered spectacular results for many of our local SME and blue-chip customers as well as not-for-profit and independent businesses. We print catalogues, art portfolios, prospectus, event guides, annual reports and more. We also proofread as an added extra. 

The size and paper weight will often impact on the cost of your final print job. The size will also impact the content – how much information you can put in it. Brochure size, page quantity and paper choices will also impact the perceived quality of your brochure. 

Common brochure sizes are:

A4 – This is a very popular size and we print thousands of them every year. The dimensions of an A4 page are 297mm high x 210mm wide. You can use this size in landscape or portrait format.

If you are creating an A4 brochure it is important to remember your bleed area and any margins, as your design will be a folded A3 page.

A5 – An A5 brochure is A4 pages folded. It is a neat, compact brochure that serves to provide the most important details about your product or The dimensions of an A5 page are 210mm high x 148mm wide. Be mindful of your bleed and margin areas.

A3 – A large size offering fantastic visual impact. This type of brochure doesn't usually have a large amount of pages. A3 brochures are folded A2 pages and generally slightly more costly to produce. The dimensions for A3 pages are 297mm high x 420mm wide

DL – This is a very popular brochure size. The page dimension for a DL brochure is 1/3 A4. DL stands for dimension lengthwise. Three DL's make up an A4 page. DL size is perfect for creating brochures and menus and the right size for inserting into envelopes for direct mail campaigns. The key dimensions to remember are 210mm high x 99mm wide.

Square formatted brochures are also popular and different enough to stand out. Sizes for them are usually, 210mm x 210mm

If you are in doubt about which brochure size is best suited to your project, do give us a call, we are happy to advise and give you a quote


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