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Custom Notepad Printing

Like calendars, branded notepads and books are ingenious items to have in your stationery kitbag. People love receiving useful gifts to show that you value their business. 

Jotters and notepad and books are useful accessories to advertise your products and services. Embellish them with your company logo, tag line and whatever else you feel the recipient needs to hear (we recommend keeping it simple) and you'll be good to go at client meetings, events and at corporate gift giving time.

If you really want to maximise your return on investment, then there are definite savings to be gained by printing in volume. It will be worth printing as many as you can distribute in one print run.

Why not invest in your own people?

An official jotter on an employee's desk looks professional and brand cohesive. It can easily serve as a reminder of the company's ethos when in corporate team-building meetings or out and about.  

Our standard sizes are A4, A5 and A6, full colour notepad printing and usually containing 100 pages. We can customise to your needs and deliver for free, locally. 

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